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Respiratory Protection

At Midori Anzen, we provide a complete lineup of ‘dust masks’, ‘gas masks’, ‘air-supplying respirators’, and ‘self-contained breathing apparatus’ that are suitable for work environments with hazardous gases, dust mist generation, and oxygen-deficient atmospheres. Additionally, we offer a variety of work and protective masks including ‘surgical masks’, ‘simple hygiene masks’, and ‘powered air-purifying respirators’. Customers can choose according to their specific work environment.

Product information

Regrettably, our product purchase website is available exclusively in Japanese at this time, and we only deliver products within Japan.

Comparison with international standards

Japan US EU
Standard National Standard NIOSH EN
Test particle S=Nacl
SL=Paraffin Oil
Test flow rate (LPM) 85 85 95
Standard and Collection Efficiency DS1: 80% N95: 95% FFP1S: 80%
DS2: 95% N99: 99% FFP2S: 94%
DS3: 99.9% N100: 99.97% FFP3S: 99%
DL1: 80% R95: 95% FFP1SL: 80%
DL2: 95% R99: 99% FFP2SL: 94%
DL3: 99.9% R100: 99.97% FFP3SL: 99%
RS1: 80% P95: 95% P1S: 80%
RS2: 95% P99: 99.99 P2S: 94%
RS3: 99.9% P100: 99.97% P3S: 99%
RL1: 80% P1SL: 80%
RL2: 95% P2SL: 94%
RL3: 99.9% P3SL: 99%
Japan D: disposable dust mask R: replaceable dust mask
US N: not resistant to oil R: resistant to oil P: oil proof
EU FFR: disposable dust EFR: replaceable dust mask