Midori Anzen Safety and Health

  • Eye and Face protection

    spectacle, goggle, OTG, welding, laser

  • Hearing protection

    earplug, muff, earplug fit checker

  • Respiratory protection

    dust, gasproof, air-powered, surgical, powered air

  • Hand protection

    all-round, chemical, mechanical, leather, disposable, heat, sleeve arm, finger cots, socks

  • Fall arrest and Restraint

    full body harness, body belt, lanyard

  • Coverall, Protective clothes

    Heat/Fire resistant Chemical Protective clothing, Front cover, Sleeve

  • Reducing workload

    abdominal protection belts, support suits and supporters

  • Monitoring equipment

    gas, hydrogen sulfide, noise, wind speed, temperature, humidity, WBGT

  • Breathalisers

    electrochemical, semi-conductor, portable, PC controlled, on-device storage, cloud storage

  • Transceiver

    Specified low power, digital simplex, MCA, IP

  • In-ear microphone

    for noise measure, sound insulation, and transceiver, Bluetooth compatible

  • Lockout system

    padlocks, hasps, circuit breaker, valves, tags

  • High visibility workwear / items

    protective vests, leg covers, helmet covers

  • Winter protection

    gloves, vests, socks, neck warmers, anti slip, anti freeze

  • Disaster prevention

    stored food & water, toilets, blankets, generators, first aid and rescue equipment

  • Flood control

    sand or sandless flood bags, water barrier, absorbent sheets

  • VR (education system)

    disaster and accident experience, safety training

  • Wiping cloths

    wipes, paper, non-woven, paper towels

  • Hygiene products

    hand cleaners, disinfectants, eye washes, emergency showers, air towels

  • Signboards

    stickers, banners, signposts, tapes, mirrors

  • Building and construction

    cones, fences, safety vests, ropes, tapes, rotating lights

  • PPE for dioxins and PCBs

    coveralls, masks, gloves, boots

  • New viruses・Infection control

    N95 masks, non-woven masks, goggles, gloves, coverall, disinfectants

  • Asbestos control

    masks, protective eyewear and caps, coverall, eye washes, signboards

  • Heat stroke control

    wearable devices, index devices, ennetsuame® (salt candy), first aid kits

  • Bee protection

    coveralls, innerwear, gloves, insecticide remover, sprays

  • Logistics

    helmets, uniforms, gloves, safety footwear, assistive suits, anti loading cover